[Sherri Wheeler]

Web developer, problem solver, mom, gamer, builder of forts, & maker in training.


My name is Sherri Wheeler and I'm a Canadian web software developer and business professional. This website is primarily a portal to my other projects, sites, and random stuff. Thanks for stopping by!

What's New

Winter, 2022
Began learning Vuejs and while I was at it I built my first Chrome browser extension (LaraCasts No Autoplay). Continuing with MapBox and enjoying it very much. You can also now follow me on Mastodon at @SyntaxSeed@phpc.social.

Spring, 2022
I've been doing a lot of consulting work including some Javascript and learning a lot about GIS and MapBox. I've settled on Symfony as a my framework of choice and built a few projects with it. I also write occaisonally for PHP Architect magazine.

Summer, 2020
I started a YouTube screencast series Keep Calm & Learn PHP which teaches PHP programming from the ground up with no talking, just relaxing music.

Spring, 2020
I've been published several times in the PHP Architect magazine and interviewed on the PHP Architect Podcast.

Winter, 2019
I was interviewed on the Voices Of The Elephpant podcast.

Spring, 2019
A major revamp of my websites is underway. A refresh of this site too! Also ripped Adsense out of my couple sites that used it.

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