[Sherri Wheeler]

Web developer, problem solver, mom, gamer, builder of forts, & maker in training.


My name is Sherri Wheeler and I'm a Canadian web software developer and business professional. This website is primarily a portal to my other projects, sites, and random stuff. Thanks for stopping by!

What's New

Spring, 2019
A major revamp of my websites is underway. A refresh of this site too! Also ripped Adsense out of my couple sites that used it.

Fall, 2017
This season marks a concerted effort to refresh my skills and learn some new technologies. Taking some online courses, networking with local professionals, listening to podcasts and reading industry publications. Development has mostly focused on business web applications and polishing some in-house frameworks.

Spring, 2016
My first Android game has launched on Google Play! Mega Mission Computer. A test run for app development. Check out my game work at Silver Key Games.

Spring, 2015
While professional development has slowed due to more time spent on diapers, legos and forts. I have started a fun project developing a browser RPG game: Roboid Incorprated. Most fun I've ever had programming!

Spring, 2014
I currently work exclusively through my business, Avinus and am a Work-At-Home-Mom. Loving life these days, and facing a variety of challenges and exciting projects.


• I currently publish professional articles on my SyntaxSeed Blog and jointly on The Practical Dev.

• Non-technical posts are found on my Personal Blog.

• My article The Business Of PHP published in PHP Architect Magazine, and is also the free article of the month which can be read online here.

• The Windsor Star wrote an article about me and other local entrepreneurs starting businesses from home! Local women launch businesses from home.

• Mentioned in an IBM RedBook: here! (I'm at the end of chapter 11.2). Unfortunately Zend moved the link so it's wrong in the E-book, but I've provided the full article on my blog.