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Savings Calculator

See how your savings grow over time. (Scroll down for help.)

Interest Rate (%)
Initial Balance
Monthly Contribution
Show Monthly Breakdown?     (for 20 yrs or less)


Final Balance $
Interest Earned $
Funds Contributed $


The number of years for which you will be collecting interest and making monthly contributions.
Interest Rate
The yearly interest rate you will earn.
Initial Balance
The amount of funds you will have to start with.
Monthly Contribution
Amount you will contribute monthly to the account. Enter zero for none.
Show Monthly Breakdown
Whether or not you want to see a monthly breakdown of balance and interest. Only works for 20 year term or less. Enabling this option may make the calculator take longer to perform the calculations.
Final Balance
The total amount of funds you will have after the given number of years.
Interest Earned
How much total interest you will have earned over the given number of years. This is included in the final balance.
Funds Contributed
How much of YOUR money was contributed over the duration. (Final Balance minus Interest Earned)
The breakdown for the given month number (1 through 12) for each year. Only shown if 'Show Monthly Breakdown' is checked.
(I: ##)
The interest earned for this month or year.