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Time Card Calculator

Total up the hours on an employee punch card.

Enter times for set (day) # 1:

In:  am pm
Out: am pm

In:  am pm
Out: am pm

In:  am pm
Out: am pm

Total # 1:  hours.

 [Clear Totals]


- Fill in the boxes with the punch in and out times.
- If the employee had any breaks, there will be additional in and out pairs.
- Click the radio button next to each box to select am or pm.
- Times must be entered as numbers and colons only. For example 6:00 or 600.
- No military/24 hour time!
- Leave unused boxes blank.
- After you have entered the information, click Calculate to view the total for this day.
- To view all your past totals, click on View Totals. To clear all the boxes, press Clear.
- To clear all the totals and start a new card, click [Clear Totals].

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